Rubber Insulated Cables


Rubber Insulated Cables

Get affordable, long-lasting, rubber-insulated neoprene cables from Cable Source. We carry various products by renowned manufacturers of electrical cables for industrial, business, and equipment use.

Take your pick from this flexible Class 5copper conductor cables with neoprene outer sheathing. As a protective material, neoprene has excellent tensile strength and weathering performance. It is also ozone- and compression-resistant.

Given the qualities of this synthetic rubber, neoprene makes copper cables suitable for outdoor installations.

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Your Dependable Neoprene Cable Supplier in Singapore

Rubber-insulated cables are a necessity for many types of mobile electrical equipment. With the market teeming with different makes and varieties, the risk of buying substandard cables unable to keep up with the standards and demands of marine and industrial applications is high.

Save time and resources by trimming your options down to the quality selection we offer. Cable Source complies with various industry standards, including IEC, BS, CE, KEMA, and VDE. From our offices in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, and Indonesia, we can quickly replenish supplies and solve cable shortage problems to facilities in the Asia Pacific region.

Neoprene Cables: A Constant in All Industries

Maximise your facility’s budget for low-voltage wiring and electrical installations by choosing our high-performance cables. Our selection of low-voltage neoprene cables boasts the following features:

  • High resistance to abrasions and atmospheric agents
  • Flexible with high resistance to wear and tear due to flexing and bending
  • A minimum installation temperature of -25 degrees Celsius
  • Suitable for heavy-duty conditions
  • Grease, oil-proof and water resistant

Applications for our products also vary:

  • Industrial: Durable wiring for cable winding reels (e.g., cranes, conveyors, mining equipment)
  • Power: Impressive capacity as an energy conduit towards electrode supports (e.g., arc welders)
  • Control and Communication: Smooth signal transmission (e.g., remote and direct-controlled machine tools)

Keep your facility’s supply of insulated cables sufficient to avoid delays in repairs and installations. With our large-capacity inventories, we will keep you well-supplied with rubber-insulated neoprene cables for indoor and outdoor use.

Choose Cable Source as your supplier of neoprene cables in Singapore. Contact us for orders.

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