Offshore Power Cables


Offshore Power Cables

Whether you are handling natural gas, oil or petrochemicals, Cable Source offers a large selection of power cables in Singapore for offshore and marine certified applications. Our offshore power cables are designed to perform in extreme temperatures, both high and low. They are also resistant to adverse elements that are prevalent in most offshore operational environments such as oil, humidity, salt water, acid and mud.

Investing in our power cables can pay off in the long term:

  • Flame retardant
  • Fire, oil and mud resistant
  • Halogen free
  • Low smoke emission
  • Protects the safety and health of the crew working on offshore platforms
  • Reduced costs on wiring maintenance, repair and replacements
BFOU (NEK 606 P5/P12)
RFOU (NEK 606 P1/P8)
  • Application

    Our offshore power cables are designed for use where mechanical protection is crucial for fixed wiring in ships and in mobile/fixed offshore units such as oil platforms and drilling rigs. They are also used as fixed installation cables in a variety of electronic and electromechanical equipment, emergency and critical systems, electric distribution and lighting systems.

    Our power cables are also designed for use in occupied areas such as control rooms, accommodation facilities and computer suites. They are essential in reducing smoke and noxious fumes – highly beneficial during fire fighting duties and evacuation procedures. They help protect sensitive and vital equipment.

    They are suitable for all types of conditions in marine operational environments, including wet, muddy or oily locations.

  • Safety

    Even during direct contact with fire, our power cables will sustain the connection for as long as stated in related standards. This provides necessary equipment such as fire alarms, extinguishing systems, control systems, lighting, water pumps and communication radio to continue operations during a fire.

    Due to the cables’ flame retardant and halogen free features, they also prevent fire from spreading around and creating corrosive gases. Additionally, the cables have low smoke density, reducing the risk of suffocation and keeping visibility around fire zones.

  • Singapore’s Trusted Provider of Offshore Power Cables

    Get in touch with Cable Source, an established supplier of industrial and marine cables in Singapore. We source our cables from world-leading brands, ensuring you of solutions that are high performance and compliant with standards.

    Call or email us today to discuss pricing, quotations and shipments.

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